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Aromatherapy Bath Bomb Set of 6- Choice of Scents

  Aromatherapy Bath Bomb Set of 6– Choice of Scents: • Relax: Lavender with Olive Oil • Pamper: Rose with Vitamin E and Shea Butter • Refresh: Peppermint & Lime with Coconut Oil • Detox: Tea Tree with Aloe & Witchazle • Citrus: Orange & Lemon with Mango Butter • Rescue: Eucalyptus with Epsom Salts… Continue reading Aromatherapy Bath Bomb Set of 6- Choice of Scents

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Honey Bee Bronze Charm Earrings With Citrine Gemstones

I made these lovely little honey bee earrings with citrine gemstone chips, a variety of quartz with yellow hue resembling the golden tones of honey which is complemented nicely with the antique bronze finish to the bee charms. Available here! Bees a symbol of productivity and plentifulness; with the sweetness provided by the honey they… Continue reading Honey Bee Bronze Charm Earrings With Citrine Gemstones

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Clear Quartz Protection Amulets

  Clear Quarts Tree Of Life Necklace By Rowan Quinn at Quinn’s Cauldron. Clear Quarts is used for healing and purification. Often used for crystal therapy to reduce anxiety by releasing pent up nervous energy. Promotes spiritual growth, clarity and wisdom. By the powers that be, may this necklace keep you safe, calm and focused. Made… Continue reading Clear Quartz Protection Amulets


Understanding Aches and Pains

What is Acute or Chronic Pain? Typically, chronic pain is persistent for longer than 12 weeks, where as acute pain would subside during this time period. It’s simply clinical jargon to describe how long a condition lasts for. Regardless of duration, it sucks to say the least. Whether it’s somatic, visceral, or neuropathic, it’s draining physically,… Continue reading Understanding Aches and Pains